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Tips to Provide Feedback Without Hurting Morale

Research has indicated that the best performance teams will often give up to six positive comment for every single negative one that they make. The worst performers are known to give one positive feedback for every three negative comments that they make. Giving performance feedback is actually very important in helping people to further improve. As you on, you will learn more on how to provide feedback without compromising anyone’s morale.

Always accent the positive. You will get to understand that effectiveness in your feedback is not just about touching on a few performance areas. This is brought about by the fact that you will always have something positive to say. It is through accenting the positive that you will be assured that there will be a chance of improving. Offering positive feedback has been known to always enhance performance. If you confess that an employee has had a positive contribution, it will be a show that you truly value them and thereby build their confidence in you. It is always important that you learn how to identify the opportunities to acknowledge any improvements as well as efforts whenever possible. Try to be as specific as possible. It is always helpful to have general criticism. With general praises, you will note that the person will not know exactly what you want him to keep doing. You are reminded that you get to measure the performance before you give this feedback. This will make sure that these employees can relate to what they have done wrong.

It is necessary that you highlight their actions instead of what they have done. Always learn to make your feedback be based on the actions of the employee rather than his intentions or values. This will make them feel less threatened as well as allow them to focus on what they have to do instead of defending their hurt feelings. It is through this that they will be encouraged. You will also need to be sincere in your criticism. Well-intentioned criticisms will always lead to positive responses. With a track record of sincerity, you are assured of such positive feedback. With this kind of reputation, you can easily build mutual trust. It is recommended that this feedback be immediate.

Check their understanding. It is necessary that you lay your expectations clearly majorly through training them. You might let them go if it will allow them to find a more suitable job. It is necessary that you get to ask a few questions as well as intently listen. It will give you the chance to see things how they see them. Aim at learning to seek permission to give feedback. Come to an agreement on how to scale up your goals and timescales. You can also ask for feedback on the performance feedback you have given.