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A Glimpse Into Another Great Year Of UCLA Softball Season

Learn about this year’s softball season, under the wing of the Women’s College World Series or WCWS, the UCLA Bruins softball team fought hard as they maneuvered their way the top, however sadly, they were not able to win, continue to read more about the details below.

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After a lot of downfalls, The Bruins softball team proved that there is no greater comeback than after being down, they rallied their forces and was still able to finish strong. Even if they were a few steps behind The Bruins still showed determination in winning the game and this was the key quality that made them WCWS third-place.

Victory does not come without hard work, The Bruins softball team is an epitome of raising up and coming back despite the circumstances and downfalls, being able to fight is the triumph every team’s needs.

This year’s game was dominated by no other than Rachel Garcia, the woman is fierce when it comes to being both pitcher and hitter, her performance made her win several awards which includes being ESPNW’s National Player of the Year. She helped in belting The Bruins record of 29-4 this year was incredible and an even astounding fact is that Garcia is only a sophomore. Garcia only proved that she is worthy of all the recognition she is getting and there would be more of that in the future games.

Despite The Bruins inability to beat the Florida state and UCLA’s loss, the team still soared high and was able to rank third place.

Under the leadership of Kelly Inouye-Perez The Bruins showed impeccable team spirit as they hovered their way towards third place, it was not an easy game and the team fought hard despite a few fallbacks this is a sign that the softball industry will be expecting quality performances from this team.

Unfortunately, seniors have to leave and there is no denying the softball fans will miss them, this includes Selina Ta’amillo and Johanna Grauer both amazing pitchers whos pitches concluded the games, surely they would be missed. However, if one leaves a position is open for replacement-who knows what new talent will The Bruins bring to the games next year.

It may be the end of the season but it is not the end of The Bruins as they will come back stronger than ever before next year, there would be a lot more fresh new talents to recruit and quite a few more tricks up their sleeves but one thing is for sure next year’s games would be something to look forward to.